Friday, March 23, 2012

PDPs Come in Many Flavors

While doing some research on how to earn PDPs for my own recertification, I came across the Massachusetts DESE webpage that describes every option in great detail. Please check out their complete list with full details on each option. What I have decided to do here is to give you a rundown of what they say in bulleted form. You might be surprised by what you can do and what the limits are for each. The amount of PDPs available for each is in parentheses. note, maximums (max) are either per event, per year, or per five (/5) year period.

Learning Options
  • Courses - audited, undergraduate, and graduate per credit hour (7.5 to 22.5)
  • Doctoral Dissertation (90 /5)
  • Master's or CAGS Thesis (45 /5)
  • Performance Assessment - currently being developed (120)
  • Content Test - looking to add to your certifications? (90)
  • Participate in district, collaborative, and state initiatives  (10+)
Observatory Options
  • Mentoring (15 max)
  • Peer Coaching (15 max)
  • Peer Assisting and Review (15 max)
  • Cooperating Teacher (15 max)
Teaching Options
  • Deliver presentation at a professional conference (30 max/5 - first time only)
  • Develop school based activity for students, parents or teachers (30 max/5 - read carefully)
  • Professional Development Series (3 session minimum) (24 max/5)
  • Accreditation (30 max/5)
  • Accreditation leader (30 max/5)
Creating Options
  • Book (90 per book)
  • Chapter in a professional book (30 per chapter)
  • Professional journal (30 per article)
  • Published results of action research (30 /5)
  • Curriculum Development (60 max/5)
Continuing Education Units
  • Continuing Education Units ratio - 1 CEU = 10 PDPs

For details on which PDPs count toward content and which toward pedagogy, please visit the Mass DESE website. This list is being written in the Spring of 2012 and is subject to change at any time.

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