Friday, November 9, 2012

iPad Summit: Your Take Away

On two cold New England days, the first edTechTeacher iPad Summit USA was held in the middle of Boston. Inside the conference center, 400 educators from all over the globe gathered to share best practices, battle scars, and a vision for the future.

This vision for the future was not a vision of what education could be like twenty, ten, or even five years from now, it was a vision of what education would look like today and tomorrow. It was a vision we could only imagine five years ago. This vision is coming true today because of the revolution brought on in education by the arrival of iPads and other quality touch devices. What we had dreamed of for years in Star Trek, Ender's game, and other visions of the future has come to life in our lifetime. No longer science fiction, it is science fact and educational experience.

Were you there? Did you follow activity online at the #ettipad hashtag? Have you taken a look at the website and speaker materials? If not, I highly encourage you to do so!

An extremely quick after-summit survey for all (even if you followed online!)...

Now is your chance to ask yourself, what did I learn by listening to those who were traveling along the new frontier? (Participate: Survey / Results)

Here are ten things that come to my mind in no particular order...

  • When properly employed, iPads absolutely can revolutionize education.
  • When improperly employed, iPads could hinder what educators are trying to do.
  • No integration model fits every situation.
  • iPads allow students to more effectively access higher order thinking skills.
  • The iPad is a tool. In students hands it can be as seamless as paper and pen.
  • Classrooms still need teachers. Teachers still need to teach.
  • Parents need to be part of the process. They need to be educated and they need to be empowered.
  • Kids can do so much more than we give them credit for.
  • Private schools are significantly outnumbering public schools on the iPad journey.
  • Without a proper plan, iPad implementation will fall apart.
I'm looking forward to learning more, bringing best practices to my school district and beyond. Thank you to every keynote and presenter! You make a difference in the world because you care enough to share.

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