Thursday, June 7, 2012

Instantly cite images with new Google Research tool

Google recently introduced a new feature for Google Docs, called Google Research. The premise of this tool is that users can quickly do further research on a topic right from the document they are using. Although it has not received much attention, one of the best features within Google Research is the instant citations for images (and scholars). Below are the simple steps for using this great feature.

1. From a Google Document, open up the Research tool TOOLS>RESEARCH

2. At the bottom of the Research window, change settings to search only through images that are free to use, share or modify (this is not required, but recommended to avoid copyright infringement)

2. Type in your search term in the box that pops up on the right

3. Select 'Images' from the search box drop-down menu

4. Choose an image and drag it into your document

5. Double click on the footnote number to see the citation

6. Add the footnote to your bibliography as needed in your preferred format

Please comment below about this and other great features you find in the new Google Research tool. Read more about the Google Research Tool for educational purposes on Mrs. Chuhran's blog

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